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Parkdale, Toronto is a flourishing neighbourhood just west of downtown Toronto. Bordered by Queen Street to the north and Lake Ontario to the South, Parkdale is home to Jameson Avenue, a lovely wide boulevard lined with tree planters along its’ spacious sidewalks. To the west lies Roncesvalles Avenue while on the east is Dufferin Street. Surrounding neighbourhoods include Roncesvalles, Liberty Village, High Park and Niagara.

Parkdale boasts a lush history. Founded in 1850 as an independent settlement, the Village of Parkdale was formed in 1879, becoming an officially incorporated village. In 1889, it became a part of Toronto. During this time, and through the beginning of the 20th Century, Parkdale became one of the most elite suburbs of Toronto. It’s views of Lake Ontario drew the wealthy to build exquisite mansions along Parkdale’s streets. Many of these homes can still be seen today. Served by two rail lines and stations, along with the opening of Sunnyside Amusement Park, it was a destination for Toronto’s citizens of notoriety. These rail lines and the beautiful real estate of the village helped Parkdale to become the first commuter suburb.

Today, Parkdale is home to the Parkdale Library as well as Parkdale Collegiate, one of Toronto’s oldest high schools. The neighbourhood is Toronto’s most vibrant shopping districts with the Roncesvalles Village shopping district, north of Queen Street and the famous commercial shopping area. Community groups have sprung gardens, such as the Healthy Organic Parkdale Edibles garden in Masaryk Park and many artists fill the spaces along Queen Street. Within walking distance to the waterfront’s recreational walks and paths and to High Park, Parkdale is still a destination to many.

Parkdale real estate exhibits much of the diversity of the neighbourhood. From the majestic Victorian three-storey detached and semi-detached brick homes to the high and low rise condo apartments, Parkdale real estate offers a home to the young and old. Parkdale home prices are moderate, ranging from $400,000 and up for newer slightly smaller townhomes to the historical elite ambiance of $1M and up for mansion style buildings.


  • Population: 19,869
  • Males: 53%
  • Females: 47%
  • Average Age: 41
  • Average Household Income: $43,431

Real Estate Information

  • Total Households: 9,326
  • Average Home Price: $455,758
  • Average Number of Bedrooms: 1.4
  • Average Age of Home: 55 Years
  • Owned: 11%
  • Rented: 89%

Relationship Status

  • Married: 34%
  • Single: 51%
  • Divorced: 12%
  • Widowed: 3%